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April 9, 2017 by Standard Notes

Privacy is a topic with which you are either a) completely tired of chasing after or b) not exactly sure on. In most cases, we all feel a little of both.

But privacy doesn't have to be hard. Privacy is hard when you expect it from a company that really has no interest in giving it to you. Common web companies today make privacy hard because it's truly against their interests to make it easy.

For us, privacy is our core business. It starts by making sure nobody can read your information, especially us! And its important that we take a moment and explain to you exactly how we do that. The term to know here is End-To-End Encryption.

Here is why it matters.

Encryption is the act of turning information into gibberish using secret passwords. The opposite of encryption is decryption, and if you don't know the secret password used, even the largest intelligence agency in the world couldn't decrypt your data. Encryption makes your data private. And it makes it effectively yours.

Where privacy gets tricky is there are basically two families of encryption, and far too many companies will confuse what each family does for their own gain, usually so they can secretly read your information.

There is the family of "encrypted" data. And the much smaller family of "end-to-end encrypted" data.

Encrypted data means your information uses a password to turn your thoughts into a random hash. But it doesn't make any reference as to when that data is encrypted. In most cases, companies will claim to encrypt your information, but what they are actually doing is encrypting it after the data is received in their data center. There is plenty of opportunity for any Web weirdo to peer in at your height, weight and steamy messages to your friends.

It's sort of like locking the door with the intruder already in the room. When instead you want to lock the door before the intruder can get in.

End-to-end encryption on the other hand means your data is turned to a random hash before it leaves your sight. That means the company that provides you with that service can't read your data. Period. When something is encrypted end-to-end, there is no shifting privacy policy to keep track of. You know how your data is being treated. It is impossible for a company to see your information if your data is encyrpted end-to-end.

We created Standard Notes was so we could have end-to-end encryption for our own notes. And we realized there was an awesome business in providing you end-to-end encyrption for your notes.

We're so proud that we can say that all of our apps, from mobile, to desktop, to web come with end-to-end encryption built-in.

When a company like us can't read your data, it forces us to instead rely on creating a great user experience to win your business. And that's exactly what we set out to do.