Realtime Collaborative Markdown Editor

A proof of concept collaborative text editor with end-to-end encryption. Simply share the URL with anyone you want to collaborate with.

Note: some users are reporting issues with collaborative changes not syncing. We are looking into this issue.


As a Standard Notes Editor:

Copy the following url and paste it in the "Editor" dropdown under your note's title. Editor&type=editor


To use as a standalone, end-to-end encrypted document, simply visit this URL in your browser to create a new document:


The URL contains a unique, random identifier for the document, as well as an encryption key and edit token. Since the encryption key follows the # symbol, it is never sent to the server.

Edits to the document are end-to-end encrypted, meaning what you type is encrypted locally before being sent to the server and other users.

Other collaborators do not need Standard Notes to view the document. To allow others to edit the document, share the "Editing URL". For viewing access only, share the "Viewing URL".

Note: this is an experimental extension, and may disappear at any time, or may become available to Extended subscribers only in the future.

Technology Used

Chainpad Realtime Collaborative Editor Algorithm based on Nakamoto Blockchains CodeMirror In-browser code editor