Help & Support

There are four main ways to get help:

  1. Browse or post to the forum (recommended).
  2. Join the Standard Notes Slack group.
  3. Send an email to
  4. Read the FAQ below.


  • I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

    Standard Notes makes use of end-to-end encryption to encrypt your data on your device before it's sent to our servers. This means we cannot offer a password reset option, otherwise, if we had the power to reset your encryption key, we would also have the power to read your data, which we don't. Your only option is to delete your account and start over. If you'd like to delete your account and all associated data, email us at

  • How can I import my notes from Evernote?

    Check out the Evernote import tool. Note that due to the variety of Evernote file formats, it has been difficult for us to anticipate all of them. The importer should work well for simple notes, but may struggle with more custom formats. We can't address this issue without your help — if you try an Evernote file that doesn't successfully convert, please send us what you can so that we can replicate and fix the issue.

  • How can I import notes from a bunch of text files?

    Use the plaintext import tool.

  • I love what you're doing and I'd like to donate.

    Thank you for wishing to support Standard Notes. You can support future development by purchasing an Extended subscription.

  • Why are extensions not available on the mobile apps?

    Extensions are exclusively a web/desktop experience. Standard Notes' mobile apps are more like convenience clients for easily accessing and editing your data. Our flagship and core products are our web and desktop apps.

  • What information does Standard Notes collect about me?

    As little as possible, if at all. Our apps do not use any invasive data analytics or tracking libraries like Google Analytics, which track your behavior online and sell it to advertisers.

    Analytics are nonetheless an important part of product development. We use an open-source, privacy-focused analytics tool called Piwik to determine the following:

    1. How many times has anonymous user opened the app?

    2. How long has anonymous user used the app for?

    You can see that metrics like these are important for us to know. If these numbers are low, we know we're doing something wrong and that something needs to change. These metrics are tracked completely anonymously, so for any user profile on our analytics platform, it is impossible for us to reverse the profile and tie it back to a user account or email.

    In any case, you can easily opt-out of anonymous analytics through the "Account" menu in Standard Notes.

    P.S. We'll also never require you to agree to a lengthy terms of service.

  • How does Standard Notes make money?

    We offer the Extended package, which offers automated backups of data as well as version history for notes.

  • How can I get involved?

    We love community contributions. If you're a notes-enthusiast, share with your friends and followers, and help create a more sustainable notes environment.

    If you're a developer, check out our repositories on Github and see where you can help, as well as our developer resources page.

    You can also host your own Standard File server for other community members to use and join. If you launch your own community server, let us know.

    Come join our Slack group.

  • How can I get in touch?

    You can follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements. Or say hello at