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How can I import my notes from Google Keep?

There isn't currently a very straightforward way to export your notes out of Google Keep and into a more usable format. Google only offers the ability to export your notes into individual HTML files. If you're handy with a command line, you can follow these instructions to convert your HTML files into plaintext files. (Standard Notes does not support HTML editing out the box.)

Exporting your data from Google Keep:

  1. Head over to Google Takeout, which allows you to export portions of your Google data.
  2. Click Select None to deselect all options.
  3. Find Google Keep, and enable the switch next to it.
  4. Press Next, then Create Archive.

Converting your Keep data into a more readable format:

  1. Your goal is to convert individual HTML files into individual plaintext files (this will strip all rich text, like bolding and colors). For this, you can try the Python script KeepToText, or, try searching the web for "batch convert html to plain text".
  2. After you've converted your files into plaintext files, use the plaintext converter tool to bring it into Standard Notes.