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Why are images and attachments not supported?

Our goal with Standard Notes is to focus on the simplest form of notes: text. Even out of the box, Standard Notes doesn't support rich text like bold, italic, fonts, and colors. Our focus is quite simply the encryption, longevity, and accessibility of your text-based notes.

For features beyond simple text, we created Extended, which offers a range of plugins and extensions that offer unique experiences inside of Standard Notes, but independent of the core philosophy of simple text. Editor extensions, for example, allow you to edit text in Markdown, or, using the Plus Editor, use rich text and add bolding, highlighting, colors, and everything else you'd expect from a rich text editor.

While it is in our long-term plans to offer an extension that would allow you to upload encrypted images and attachments to your notes, this is not currently available due to the complexity involved in developing encrypted file attachments using an independent server architecture. While this is a popular feature request, we prefer to focus on maintaining stability and peace within our current feature set, than to constantly race to develop new features that may complicate our entire business, and threaten its resource capacity while creating a neverending and insatiable sense of urgency. In a word, we'd rather do a small number of things well, than do many things haphazardly. This isn't by any means a popular answer, but we share it in hopes that you may understand where our priorities lie, now and into the future.