A note-worthy experience starts with extensions.

Use extensions to enhance your experience and do some pretty powerful things.

Available on Web and Desktop with Extended.

Powerful Extensions

Unleash your productivity with a wide range of editors suitable for any task, and a selection of beautiful themes available on desktop and mobile. You’ll have unlimited access to current and future extensions.

Note Version History

View and restore to previous versions of your notes, up to one hundred years. Essential for long-running notes and documents.

Advanced Data Care + 2FA

Easily enable automated backups of your encrypted data sent directly to your inbox daily, or backed up to your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Enable 2FA for an extra layer of security.

Support Our Mission

We’re a small team on a huge mission to change the nature of privacy and sustainability in software. Your support helps us continue to offer a safe haven for privacy-conscious individuals across the world.

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Plus Editor sample with various font sizes, bullets, highlights, tables, and images

Plus Editor

From highlighting to custom font sizes and colors, to tables and lists, this editor is perfect for crafting any document. (Converts your note to an HTML format.)

Side-by-side Markdown editor with left pane displaying raw input and right pane displaying Markdown

Simple Markdown

A Markdown editor with dynamic split-pane preview.

Single pane Markdown editor with utility toolbar and inline Markdown parsing

Advanced Markdown

A fully featured Markdown editor that supports live preview, a styling toolbar, and split pane support.

Single pane Markdown editor with inline parsing and color coding

Minimal Markdown

A minimal Markdown editor with inline style support.

Code editor with dropdown for programming language and inline syntax highlighting

Code Editor

Syntax highlighting and convenient keyboard shortcuts for over 120 programming languages. Ideal for code snippets and procedures.

Code editor with Vim key bindings enabled and inline syntax highlighting

Vim Editor

A code editor with Vim key bindings.


Simple Task Editor

A great way to manage short-term and long-term to-do's. You can mark tasks as completed, change their order, and edit the text naturally in place.



Desktop app with expanded autocomplete for tag entry

Autocomplete Tags

Select a tag while typing with autocomplete and keyboard navigation.

Desktop app note editor pane with horizontal bar anchored to bottom with options to commit to duplicate, email, and copy note

Action Bar

Useful utility bar with information about the current note as well as actions like duplicate, copy, and save.

Desktop app note editor pane with horizontal bar anchored to bottom with options to commit to GitHub

GitHub Push

Push note changes to a public or private GitHub repository, with options for file extension and commit message.

Desktop app with left most pane showing nested folders


Create nested folders with easy drag and drop.



Desktop app with dark navy colors applied with white text


Elegant utilitarianism.

Desktop app with black background, purple highlights, and white text


For when you need to go in.

Desktop app with desaturated blue, light gray text, and dim orange highlights


Calm and relaxed. Take some time off.

Desktop app with mellow gray background, dark gray text, and purple highlights


Light on the eyes, heavy on the spirit.

Desktop app with solarized colors.

Solarized Dark

The perfect theme for any time.



A smart theme that minimizes the tags and notes panels when they are not in use.


Data Care

Two-Factor Authentication

Set up 2FA to enable an extra layer of security on your private notes account.


Note History

See and restore to previous versions of your notes.


Dropbox Sync

An encrypted backup of your entire data set is saved to your Dropbox daily and automatically.


Google Drive Sync

An encrypted backup of your entire data set is saved to your Google Drive daily and automatically.


Microsoft OneDrive Sync

An encrypted backup of your entire data set is saved to your OneDrive daily and automatically.


Daily Email Backups

Receive a daily email with an attachment that includes all your encrypted notes and tags.




Publish your own personal blog, directly from your notes. Available at listed.standardnotes.org.