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Why is two-factor authentication a paid feature?

Simply put, we are quickly approaching the limit on the amount of support we can offer non-paying users. Two-factor authentication, as evidenced by the unbearable wait times for support at cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, is a feature which will inevitably require support, maintenance, verification, and other human time.

We also want to maintain a healthy balance between what we provide as free and what we provide as paid. Sustainability is an important topic to us, and for Standard Notes as a sustainable business to continue providing the best service possible, certain emerging features need to be paid in accordance with how we feel we are performing on our longevity targets.

Lastly, two-factor authentication is a feature which many people are only just now starting to become apprised of. Popular two-factor authentication applications like Google Authenticator do not save or backup your secret keys, so when one gets a new device, the keys are vanished. If the user does not practice safe data habits, then this becomes a huge problem for both the user and us altogether. By restricting two-factor authentication to those who thoroughly understand it, we reduce the risk of data loss for users, and reduce the amount of human support we have to provide to these users.

What happens when my subscription expires?

As a courtesy, we keep two-factor authentication enabled for accounts even after their subscription expires, so long as a refund is not requested.