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Can I use extensions with a self-hosted server?

Extensions are 100% compatible with a self-hosted server. Self-hosting the Standard Notes/Standard File backend server has no impact on this, and there are no unique steps to follow. If you’d like to take advantage of the entire range of productivity-enhancing extensions powered by Standard Notes Extended, feel free to sign up for Extended as usual, and follow the steps from there.

Can I self-host my own extensions?

Standard Notes’ extensions are also open-source, which means you are free to self-host them. Because there are many extensions however, doing so can be a little challening. Extensions are our main revenue source and how we support development of Standard Notes, and while not required, we encourage you to give back in any way possible if going this route, whether it is through contributing monetarily, improving the code, crafting documentation or tutorials, or helping others on the forum or chat groups.