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What information does Standard Notes collect about me?

Update: As of version 2.0, analytics have been removed in their entirety from our applications. We simply do not collect any usage behavior on our desktop or mobile applications.

Prior to 2.0:

As little as possible, if at all. Our apps do not use any invasive data analytics or tracking libraries like Google Analytics, which track your behavior online and sell it to advertisers.

Analytics are nonetheless an important part of product development. We use an open-source, privacy-focused analytics tool called Piwik to determine the following:

1. How many times has anonymous user opened the app?

2. How long has anonymous user used the app for?

You can see that metrics like these are important for us to know. If these numbers are low, we know we're doing something wrong and that something needs to change. These metrics are tracked completely anonymously, so for any user profile on our analytics platform, it is impossible for us to reverse the profile and tie it back to a user account or email.

Analytics are stricly opt-in, which means they are disabled by default. You can enable them through the 'Account' menu in Standard Notes.