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Why can I not sign in, even though my email and password are correct?

We receive a surprising number of emails where a user will be certain they are entering their correct login credentials, but are still unable to sign in due to an "invalid email or password." In 100% of these cases, the issue is always a mis-entry either in the email field or password field. There are no known technical issues with sign in, so if you can't sign in, please try some of these tips:

  • Both the email field and password field are case sensitive. Ensure that you did not accidentally register your account with an uppercase email character.

  • Your password manager may have misconfigured your entry. Ensure the value in your password manager is correctly configured.

  • If you are a paid Extended subscriber, note that your email for your Extended account and your email for your notes account may be different. Ensure you are using the correct email in the correct place.